Innovation Lab

Kineton’s Innovation-Lab is a dedicated space where the company can explore new technologies and incubate new applications. The lab has a particular focus on mobility and new technologies related to AI and data.
Kineton’s commitment to the Innovation-Lab is strong, as the company recognizes the importance of staying ahead of the curve in these rapidly evolving industries. By investing in the lab, Kineton can develop new technologies and applications that are relevant to its customers and help to drive its growth and success.
The lab provides a space for Kineton’s engineers and researchers to experiment with new technologies and test new applications. This enables the company to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and to develop new products and services that meet the changing needs of its customers.
Through the Innovation-Lab, Kineton demonstrates its commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing its customers with the latest and most advanced technologies.


Kinecar is a Battery Electric Vehicle minicar that offers a digital ecosystem for mobility, including a L7e-category BEV and a cloud-based platform for mobility services. It is a concept car that serves as a test bed for new ideas and technologies, and a proof of concept for the development of future mobility services. Kinecar has been designed as a “smartphone on wheels” with entertainment features, advanced driver assistance systems, connectivity, and more.

As a test bed, Kinecar allows engineers to test and refine new systems and features in a controlled environment. It provides a platform for testing new battery technologies, electric motors, and charging infrastructure. Kinecar also serves as a proof of concept for new mobility services, such as car-sharing or ride-hailing, that could be integrated into future vehicles.

Kinecar is fully connected to the Internet of Cars (ioCars) platform, providing services such as geofencing, trip reports, and vehicle condition information. The car also includes mechanisms to prevent accidents, such as Forward collision Warning, driver attention monitoring and fatigue detection, in-car speech recognition, and control.

Kinecar is a unique vehicle in its category, featuring an infotainment system and streaming technologies that allow users to bring their favorite apps and content on board. The car offers a multitude of entertainment possibilities, including a Live TV App powered by modern standards. Kinecar has partnered with RAI, offering drivers a dedicated app with access to live news and shows, as well as the entire RaiPlay on-demand catalog.

K-Rib 9.5

The K-Rib 9.5 combines a Rigid Inflatable Boat with the Kineton Yacht Management System, which provides a range of functionalities, including real-time monitoring of the boat’s position, speed, and status, as well as remote control of on-board systems. The platform also allows for remote monitoring of sensitive areas onboard, such as the bilge and the electrical system, ensuring the safety of both passengers and the boat itself.

Overall, the K-Rib 9.5 is a product that combines functionality, innovation, and technology to provide a premium boating experience. It serves as an incubator for Kineton’s innovative Yacht Management Platform.


Key Interaction among Entertainment and BRAIN

The KINEBRAIN project aims to create an intelligent system for microcars that can collect and process information from various sources to develop a multimodal and adaptive Human Machine Interface (HMI). The goal is to prioritize safety, personalization, and distraction-free interaction for drivers.

The project sets macro-objectives, such as defining a driver-vehicle-environment model and designing advanced driver assistance systems. The team also aims to develop algorithms for implicit personalization and implement a comprehensive solution that optimizes driver experience and safety using the latest technology and design principles. The KINEBRAIN project seeks to address challenges in HMI design and create a system that makes driving information easily usable.


New Engineering & Manufacturing Enhanced System Innovation

The NEMESI project is a project in the field of industrial research and experimental development. It seeks to redefine the manufacturing process for the ATR Aircraft product line through the implementation of Smart Factory technologies such as advanced production systems, augmented reality, the Industrial Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data.

The project is designed to test promising and innovative technologies that align with the Smart Factory paradigm. The NEMESI project demonstrates how the application of new technologies can transform traditional industrial processes and enhance production efficiency. Ultimately, the NEMESI project serves as a model for how other industries can adopt similar approaches to drive growth and innovation in their respective sectors.

Kineton Yacht Management System (KYMS)

The Kineton Yacht Management System is a comprehensive digital platform that prioritizes safety and enhances the user experience. Its safety system allows for remote monitoring of sensitive areas onboard, remote control to check the vessel’s status, and anchorage monitoring to prevent accidents.

The platform also provides on-board assisted activities, such as anchor point identification, assisted navigation, and mooring, using advanced cameras and sensors to avoid collisions. To further enhance the user experience, the platform offers features like range estimation, suggested cruising speed and routes, multi-day calculations, and berth checks in designated ports to streamline navigation planning. With these functionalities, the Kineton Yacht Management System offers a reliable and efficient solution for yacht owners and operators.

Borgo 4.0

The Borgo 4.0 Technological Platform for Sustainable and Safe Mobility is an initiative aimed at developing and testing new mobility models and technologies. The project focuses on enhancing the performance of connected and autonomous vehicles in challenging scenarios. The team utilizes advanced technologies to improve the safety and sustainability of mobility, undergoing a rigorous testing process to ensure top-quality solutions.

Borgo 4.0 is a major step in the development of cutting-edge mobility technologies, emphasizing the importance of sustainable, safe, and connected mobility solutions. The platform is a comprehensive initiative integrating research and development, technological innovation, and testing. Overall, Borgo 4.0 is a significant project in advancing mobility technology and solutions.