Kineton offers several products and services for the broadcast, Aerospace and Automotive industries.

For the broadcast industry, the Kineton Announcement Real-time Platform allows broadcasters to manage announcement campaigns and generate revenues across different devices. Kineton Automation Engine is a cloud-based platform for supporting DevOps practices and IT production processes. Kineton MediaCert is a modular platform for certifying compliance with HbbTV and other specifications. ShareVisor is another Kineton product that enables TV and set-top box manufacturers to remotely check the correct functioning of the devices in both broadcast and broadband environments.
All of these products aim to simplify and optimize their respective industries.
Kineton Software Development & Verification Environment is a hardware and software solution targeting the Aeropsace industry that enables the development of DO-178C compliant framework and test environments.


Kineton provides a range of innovative solutions across various industries, including aerospace, automotive, media, IT, and telecommunications. The company’s service offerings include analytics, mobile and cross-platform application development, enterprise solutions, DevOps, cloud services, X-Reality, HbbTV, infotainment, embedded applications, HiL and SiL testing, lab car, GNSS performance monitoring, and smart factory solutions. Kineton’s products include ShareVisor, Kineton Automation Engine, K-SDVE, and Kineton MediaCert. The company’s solutions help businesses improve their operations, enhance product quality, reduce time-to-market, and provide better customer experiences. Kineton’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has made it a trusted partner for companies across various industries.


Kineton offers a wide range of solutions in the areas of Aerospace, Automotive, and Media IT and Telco. Their services include Analytics, Mobile and Cross-platform applications, Enterprise solutions, DevOps, Cloud, X-Reality, HbbTV, Infotainment, Embedded Applications, HiL/SiL, Lab Car, GNSS Performance Monitoring, and Smart Factory Solutions. The company’s products include K-SDVE, ShareVisor, Kineton MediaCert, and Kineton Automation Engine. These products enable testing, certification, and automation for various industries. Kineton’s expertise in the fields of software development, testing, and certification helps its clients achieve their business goals efficiently and effectively.

Innovation Lab

Kineton’s Innovation Lab is a space dedicated to exploring new technologies and applications related to mobility, AI, and data.

The lab allows Kineton to stay ahead in rapidly evolving industries, develop relevant technologies, and drive growth by testing new applications with a focus on innovation and customer needs.

By investing in the lab, Kineton can remain on the cutting edge of innovation and develop advanced products and services for its customers.