Enterprise Services

Enterprise Solutions
Comprehensive software solutions for large-scale businesses that utilize high-level programming languages and cloud environments to optimize operations and achieve goals.
Mobile application
Multi platform mobile application with intuitive and engaging user experience.
Implementing and managing the DevOps methodology including Continuous Delivery, enabling organizations to streamline their software development and delivery processes for faster and more efficient results.
Expert in providing cloud-based services and solutions for businesses and individuals to securely store, manage and access their data and applications remotely with high reliability and dependability.


Specialists in HbbTV technology, providing comprehensive services for broadcasters and content providers to enhance their TV viewing experience through interactive and personalized content.
Embedded Applications
Creating software that can run on specialized hardware and perform specific functions, such as controlling devices or gathering data, often with limited resources and in real-time.
Design and Developing of entire data warehouse, Business Intelligence solution and Recommendation engine integration.
Development of infotainment applications that deliver multimedia content and information through a GUI on mobile devices or in-vehicle systems, as well as applications for CarPlay, Android Auto, SDL, and Android Automotive platforms.


GNSS Performance Monitoring
Manipulation, analysis and archiving (Rinex, JPL Binary, etc.) of GNSS data, reports included, to execute continuous performance monitoring and support troubleshooting activities, tracking system behavior and detecting malfunctions/underperformance.
Smart Factory Solutions
Computer Vision (CV) and Augmented Reality (AR) applied in the context of Digital Fabrication and Manufacturing Assembly to improve the industrialization process.


HiL - Hardware in the Loop
Validation and verification of system functionality and performance by testing it with simulated real-world inputs and conditions.
SiL - Software in the Loop
Evaluation and testing of software components or systems by simulating their environment and inputs without the need for hardware.
Lab Car
Evaluation and testing of software components or systems by simulating their environment and inputs without the need for hardware.

Innovation & Security

Designs and develops solutions for extended reality (XR) that encompass the full spectrum of the virtual reality continuum, including a range of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences.
IoT systems with ARM (MBed OS, Espressif based) or X84 (Linux / Windows-based) edge devices integrated with cloud platforms and services such as Google IoT Core or Azure IoT Hub.
Cyber Security
Audit of business organizations and processes, support on main standards and regulations, design of secure architectures, cyber risk management, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for both ICT and automotive industries.