We are passionate about bringing together young engineers to create innovative solutions while also giving back to the community.


Kineton is driven by innovation and simplifies complicated technology, exploring new areas such as AI and Data.


Kineton’s products are designed with new features that make life smarter and easier to navigate, while remaining simple to use.


Kineton’s services are customer-centric and provided by experts with the aim of delivering exceptional value to clients.

Our Areas

Kineton’s Media business unit offers professional development and validation services. In particular, the Media sphere is dedicated to the entertainment domain where we offer high-performance solutions with engaging user experience. The IT sphere is specialized in offering enterprise solutions deployed in cloud environments. Finally, for the Telco world, it is specialized in testing and validation of wireless protocols such as WiFi 802.11, network interoperability, and 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile networks.

Kineton’s Automotive business unit offers top-notch validation services, including component, system and vehicle testing, ensuring the highest standards of safety, performance and reliability. Our Validation Platform automates testing tasks and provides maximum stress testing, saving time and ensuring quality. Kineton has a strong focus on the design and implementation of simulation environments such as HiL Rigs and Extended Labcar, used for software testing. We also provide consulting services that help automotive companies remain competitive and meet regulatory requirements.

Kineton offers customized software solutions to cover different needs in product and process engineering in the Aerospace and Defence sector, with a strong focus on new technological trends related to data and AI. The multidisciplinary nature of our team and the cross-industry experience gained over the years provide a diverse and distinctive point of view able to contribute with value to the new challenges for the Aerospace sector.

Who We Are!

Kineton is a young and fast-growing scale-up with diverse business units in Media, IT, Telecommunications, Automotive, and Aerospace. The company is known for its combination of qualities such as ingenuity, academic excellence, passion, people focus, and a drive for the next level.

Kineton provides innovative solutions in Media, IT, and Telecommunications that optimize content creation and distribution processes. The company’s focus on innovation and ability to adapt helps it stay ahead of the curve in the fast-evolving industries it serves. Kineton’s dedication to creating value for its clients and the community is reflected in its base in the beautiful region of Southern Italy.

Continuous Innovation and Ingenuity

for a better, smarter Life!

Our Values

Passion for Excellence
At Kineton, a young and innovative high-tech start-up located in the South of Italy, we are fueled by a relentless passion for excellence. Our team of young, enthusiastic experts is driven by a shared love for technology and a commitment to delivering exceptional solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our passion for excellence drives everything we do, as we strive to set a new standard in the industry.
Community and Solidarity
Kineton values community and solidarity, and our mission is to embody these values through our commitment to people. We believe in giving back and sharing, and we strive to promote humanity in everything we do. We are proud to be a part of the larger community and to contribute to its betterment.
Integrity and Trust
At Kineton, we believe in fostering a culture of integrity and trust, where deep relationships with our customers and professional handling of projects are just as important as the positive working environment, supportive colleagues, and the development of young teams. We value respect in all our interactions and believe it is the cornerstone of our success.
At Kineton, we value diversity and inclusiveness as the foundation of a respectful, culturally open and globally oriented work environment. We believe that embracing differences and fostering a culture of openness leads to a more dynamic and innovative company. Our commitment to valuing all individuals and providing equal opportunities for our diverse employee base is at the core of our success.
Think big and Simplify
At Kineton, we strive to think big and simplify, mastering complex technologies to create user-friendly solutions that support the smart living environment of the future. Our focus is on enhancing human interaction, ensuring that our innovations are both powerful and intuitive. We believe in the power of simplicity to drive progress and make a positive impact in the world.

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