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Kineton is a company founded five years ago in Naples that has experienced significant growth, serving customers in Media, Automotive, and Aerospace. The company’s success in the Automotive business is due to its advanced validation services, including HiL and SiL testing. Kineton can offer various products that have either been developed through research activities or meet customer needs.

Kineton also provides high-level engineering services for advanced aerospace systems and a wide range of services in Media, IT, and Telecommunication business units. As a benefit society, Kineton is committed to creating a positive impact on the community and the environment while achieving business objectives. Kineton’s people-focused culture leads to several initiatives aimed at giving back to the community. The company values making a positive impact on society and will remain dedicated to using its resources to create a better world.


At Kineton, our people-focused approach creates a more engaged and motivated workforce, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. We prioritize the needs of our customers, resulting in higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty. Our culture of innovation and creativity allows us to stay ahead of the competition. By putting people first, we build a culture of trust and mutual support, benefiting everyone involved. Our people-focused approach is a core value that creates a stronger and more sustainable future for all.

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Our leadership team comprises highly qualified professionals dedicated to achieving the company’s vision. With extensive experience in their respective fields, they lead their areas with determination and expertise to achieve business goals and deliver high-quality solutions to our clients. Maintaining a constant focus on innovation and excellence, our team is ready to meet future challenges and ensure our company’s continued success.


Our vision at Kineton is to revolutionize the way people live by designing highly intuitive solutions that enhance convenience and quality of life. Through continuous innovation and commitment to excellence, we aim to be a leading force in shaping the future of technology for a connected and smarter world, positively impacting individuals of all ages.


Our mission at Kineton is to drive the company to the next level of growth by embracing new endeavors and opportunities for success. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology and using our expertise to develop innovative and holistic solutions for new products. Our goal is to always be ready for the next challenge and provide exceptional outcomes for our customers.


Kineton’s commitment to positively impacting society is reflected in its achievement of the status of Benefit Society. This status demonstrates the company’s commitment to conducting business with awareness of the outside world and sharing the value generated with the community around it. Kineton is committed to respecting and protecting people and their communities, evident in its people-centered culture and business model that prioritizes innovation to improve people’s lives.

In addition to its commitment to social responsibility, Kineton has established the Kineton Study Center to enhance its creative, communication, and social capabilities. The center organizes events and initiatives according to the company’s values and contributes to creating economic and social value for the community. Through collaboration with like-minded entities, foundations, and organizations that share its goals, the Study Center aims to develop cultural, social, and educational projects that positively impact the community.

Commitment to the community is reflected in the collaboration with the Figli in Famiglia association. As part of this, Kineton organized a gaming course for the association boys, during which a small game was designed and implemented. Thanks to the expertise of our engineers who accompanied them on the course, the boys were able to develop their creative and technical skills, thus contributing to their educational and social development.

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The Kineton Study Center stands out for organizing prestigious conferences under the registered trademark “Meridiani Digitali.” These meetings, held periodically throughout the year, provide a privileged platform for exploring crucial issues related to innovation and digitization.

Indeed, they offer an unparalleled opportunity to share in-depth reflections on how technological evolution shapes the social, economic, and cultural fabric by exploring the current effects and casting our gaze into the future. In addition to providing in-depth analysis of emerging trends, these events provide an important platform for establishing and consolidating dialogue and collaboration relationships with institutions and businesses.

Through the involvement of leading figures in innovation and digitization, we aim to foster an environment for exchanging ideas and knowledge, thus contributing to constructing a more conscious and progress-oriented future.

In recent decades, technological innovation and artificial intelligence have profoundly transformed advanced economies, reducing the role of workers in production processes.

The Osservatorio sulla Società Digitale (OSD) explores these dynamics, focusing on the future of work. Through workshops, consultations with experts, and a collective study, OSD aims to understand the implications of technological progress and propose policies that support the transition to new employment patterns.

We aim to present findings in academic and economic governance contexts to stimulate informed and constructive debate.