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Kineton People Program: let’s reach the summit together!

 The company is made up of people, the true wealth of our professional community. For this reason, Kineton invests in their training and wellbeing. Kineton People Program is a vast and articulated program that aims to produce a certain and measurable value for the company and its people. A point of convergence between training, innovation, and individual wellbeing, it is divided into six operational areas:




Corporate events


Children's Area
Diaper Bonus
Service Platform


Online Fitness Courses
Fruit Based relaxation


Kineton Innovation Award
Incentive System


Give back
Charity initiatives

The future has just begun, it’s time to build your career!

The Academy is a flagship for Kineton. A full immersion dedicated to vertical training allows selected young engineers to put their knowledge into practice by working alongside professionals in their tasks’ performance. You learn by doing, but above all, by putting it into practice. Working side by side, the experts pass on new knowledge to the trainees to support the best talent growth.
Kineton offers the opportunity to take English language courses in preparation for Cambridge certifications at the intermediate and advanced levels, along with English conversational classes, thanks to the collaboration of a qualified mother-tongue teacher.
At Kineton, we strongly believe in the Ph.D. because “learn by doing” is the future of industry 4.0: a three-year course. Along with our top experts, participants build a research project that can then develop a thesis.



“Mens sana in corpore sano” – Giovenale 

Gym with a qualified instructor, online fitness courses on dedicated channels, and daily snacks based on fruit and vegetable extracts are a concrete demonstration of each employee’s body care dedication.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius

a piazza as a meeting place,
oasis of leisure and sharing area;

the bazaar, an area dedicated to the needs of the person to facilitate each employee and provide them with targeted services;

corporate events, a moment of exchange, sharing, and fun to experience the corporate universe with joy.

Innovation is a relentless process to become better every day

Kineton implements various incentive systems for the various company figures, benefits, and monetary awards that reward the most performing resources. The last ones to enter the company can also be awarded, for example, in cases of interesting profile referrals with the Referral Award system. The latest news, the Kineton Innovation Award: a prize competition to find talents within the company and test them by promoting open innovation.

A company attentive to the needs of its employees

Initiatives promoted by the wellbeing platform for discounts and benefits reserved for employees. The children’s area, available in the Naples office, allows parents to enjoy their working day with the utmost serenity.

“Give back what you have
received from an area rich in talent and expertise”
– Giovanni Fiengo, CEO Kineton

Give Back is another corporate pride: scholarships for students deserving of attention that
also translate into the payment of tuition fees and textbooks for the master’s degree.

 What we do is just one drop in the ocean, but if we didn’t do it, the ocean would have one drop less,” – Mother Teresa

 Kineton makes a concrete contribution to the society to which it belongs and wants to give back value through internal projects. The initiative gives an example: “A well for Africa in Burkina Faso” in collaboration with the association
Gli occhi di Claudio“.