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Who we are

Kineton is here for all your engineering needs. And whether it’s tech, automotive, or communications, we’re on the cutting edge. Founded in March 2017, we like to think that we don’t work with clients, but with partners – and we’re in the business of helping them, not only with ‘problem-solving,’ but with getting to know their own future. We’ll build it together, shaping it to fit your goals.

It all starts from our dedicated,
far-reaching network.

What we do

We get it. You want professional service of the utmost quality without sacrificing the personal touch of constant, dedicated customer support. At Kineton, we’ve got that covered from our branches which will help you turn your ideas into reality. When your future’s at stake, we don’t mess around. We’re there for our partners day and night. Guaranteed.

Now that you’ve finally finished your studies, it’s time to start shaping your future.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: a bright, starry eyed student chooses to go into a tech field. They study. And study. And study. For years. Then they graduate with great marks. Now what? That’s right, the work has only just begun, because it’s time to start their career.
Feel daunting? Not with us. Introducing the Kineton Academy Master Course. We recognize the most brilliant students and help them to maximize their potential and grow as professionals.
What are you waiting for?

Do you know that...

  • ...the average age of our amazing engineers is roughly about 30 years, 3 months and 5 days?

  • ...we have an outstanding futsal team
    always looking for new talents?

  • ...out of every 10 engineers
    we have
    at least 1 with a PHD degree?

  • ...our offices are only 500 metres from the sea?

  • ...we went from 0 to 100 engineers
    in less than
    10 months?

  • ...we are in collaboration
    more than 5 universities?

  • ...we love having pool parties?

  • ...we sponsor at least 2 PHD students per year?

  • ...our Academy focuses on both
    automotive and Media/ICT industry?

  • ...we have the coolest R&D department around?

  • ...our staff has daily access of at least one hour in our on-site fitness center with a personal trainer?

  • ...our staff has the opportunity
    to attend
    daily english classes?

  • ...we hire at least 3 newly graduated
    per month?

  • ...our salary package is one of the most attractive
    in the area?


We believe everyone has something to contribute. At Kineton, we see our team as the individuals they are as opposed to simply cogs in the machine. Working with us doesn’t just mean expanding your professional talents. With us, you can have an exciting, challenging career because the whole is great because of its parts.

A collaborative atmosphere, where you’re more than just a number.