Kineton official partner of Torino City Lab

Kineton is an official partner of Torino City Lab. Torino City Lab (CTL) is an initiative-platform aimed at creating simplified conditions for companies interested in conducting testing in real conditions of innovative solutions for urban living. Promoted by the City of Turin, it involves a vast local partnership of subjects from public and private sectors […]

FED DEMO LIVE – Kineton presents KAMP

Kineton introduces KAMP – Kineton Audience Measurement Platform – consisting of a series of modules designed to create a new television experience with smart TVs and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). KAMP’s core is an application automatically present on TV channels or mobile applications, which allows you to analyze viewers’ preferences. With the help of […]

FED DEMO LIVE – Kineton presents KATE

Kineton introduces KATE – Kineton Automation Engine – a modular, cloud-oriented platform capable of automatically managing activities related to the development and testing of applications on iOS and Android devices, web browsers, web services, set-top boxes, and more. The platform aims to simplify communication between teams, run tests automatically, and enable continuous testing activities to […]