Media, IT & Telco


Our team of highly skilled technicians is dedicated to meeting the diverse development and validation needs of the media market. With extensive expertise in all forms of television signal transmission, including linear and Over the Top Television (OTT), we specialize in broadcast, broadband, and hybrid transmission. Our areas of expertise include:

Validation: The Quality Assurance team at Kineton conducts rigorous validation and certification of applications, whether developed in-house or by third-party vendors, across all types of devices. This ensures that all project requirements, established during the analysis phase, have been met, and a quality certificate can be issued with confidence

Development: The development team at Kineton specializes in creating applications for various TV media platforms, including SmartTVs, smartphones, Set-Top Box (STB), OTT, and infotainment. They utilize the latest technologies and employ in-house frameworks to ensure rapid application development and meet customer requirements. This allows Kineton to offer short time-to-market solutions for its clients.

Tivù: Kineton is the unique and official laboratory for Tivù, which releases the quality certifications for SmartTVs, STBs, and CAM devices, at a national level. The tests performed, designed to validate the quality standard, certify the functioning of the Device Under Testing (DUT) both in terms of hardware on the reception of the DTT and/or SAT signal and software on the HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) component. The team follows all the certification phases, supporting the producer from the pre-certification phase, through the certification and up to the post-certification.

HbbTV: Kineton is a recognized member of the HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) Association and is one of six worldwide test centers officially recognized by the association. This membership allows Kineton’s team to focus on the development and validation of applications that can provide viewers with an enhanced and engaging interactive experience, keeping up with the latest industry standards.

DVB-I: Kineton is a member of the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) community, which is a set of open and globally recognized standards for the development and dissemination of digital television. Kineton’s team actively participates in DVB’s working group to define requirements, and has developed applications that support the new DVB-I standard for Smart TVs, smartphones, and infotainment systems.

TV Geolocation: Kineton has been continuously enhancing its proprietary algorithms on its platforms to provide improved results for HbbTV services. The team is currently adding new features to further enhance the precision of the results to around ten kilometers, with detailed information on the municipality. With encouraging results, Kineton is experimenting with sophisticated algorithms to improve the user experience and provide a more reliable tool for content targeting. The goal is to achieve precision that benefits both viewers and content providers, delivering an engaging and personalized experience to the viewers.


The IT Services & Solutions team at Kineton specializes in designing, developing, and maintaining large-scale distributed systems using high-level programming languages in cloud environments. With experience in insurance, debt collection, and public administration contexts, Kineton provides end-to-end support to customers throughout the entire product lifecycle.

IT Validation: Kineton performs comprehensive validation of mobile applications developed either in-house or by third-party customers, on a diverse fleet of devices that support the Android, iOS, and HarmonyOS operating systems. This rigorous testing process ensures that the application works seamlessly across various platforms, and any defects or bugs are identified and resolved before the product launch.

Enterprise Solutions: Kineton leverages dedicated Competence Centers for designing large-scale enterprise solutions distributed in cloud environments. These Competence Centers are highly specialized in specific technologies, such as Java Enterprise, .Net, and JavaScript, and provide support to customers in corrective, adaptive, and evolutionary maintenance activities. This ensures that the customers receive the highest level of expertise and knowledge to achieve their desired outcomes.

Cloud Services: Kineton assists clients with selecting, purchasing, and managing cloud services from major providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud for the deployment of distributed systems. Our team also supports the migration of existing on-premise systems to IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS environments, providing comprehensive solutions for cloud-based infrastructure.

Mobile Applications: Designing, planning, and certifying mobile applications for smartphones and wearable devices using the latest cross-platform development frameworks like React Native, Flutter, etc. Alternatively, a native development approach like Objective-C, Kotlin, Java for Android, and HarmonyOS may be adopted. The team prioritizes defining the User Experience to ensure that the product is user-friendly and engaging.

IoT Systems: Kineton specializes in the design and development of IoT systems, utilizing edge devices based on ARM (MBed OS, Espressif) or X84 (Linux/Windows). These devices are integrated with cloud platforms and services such as Google IoT Core or Azure IoT Hub, providing scalable and reliable IoT solutions to customers.

DevOps Methodology: Kineton provides specialized consultancy to support customers with the application of modern techniques related to the DevOps methodology. These consultations focus on configuring toolchains for Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration (CD/CI) using a range of tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Jenkins, Sonarqube, Prometheus, AlertManager, ELK, and Grafana.


This department is responsible for analyzing and validating network configurations and user equipment to ensure interoperability between mobile devices and networks. After thorough analysis, we provide a report that certifies quality assurance.

Kineton performs various types of tests, such as stability tests using different techniques, MIMO techniques tests, Voice over IP tests (VOIP), WiFi roaming tests (e.g., 802.11r, 802.11.k, OKC), localization and tracking tests (e.g., 802.11mc), and network tests.

The Kineton team also performs different kinds of tests on Network and WiFi, including MAP-T, dual-stack, WIFI 4, WIFI 5, and WIFI 6/6E tests, WiFi protocols (e.g., 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11ax), wireless regulation channel tests, WiFi encryption tests (e.g., WPA3, WPA2, WPA, WEP, OPEN), and WiFi enterprise encryption tests supported (e.g., Radius, to create your own Radius server to test WPA3-Enterprise). We also conduct functional tests on CPE and performance tests (e.g., throughput, latency).

To perform these tests, we use various DUTs such as Set-Top-Box & Smart TVs, smartphones and tablets, PCs, IoT devices (e.g., home automation sockets, lamps), digital assistants (e.g., Google Assistant, Alexa), and wearable devices (e.g., smartwatch, band, TWS headphones).

In the broadband validation area, we conduct stability, performance, and interoperability tests with the main categories of devices on the market. We maintain constant communication with the development team to support them in reproducing bugs, capturing logs, troubleshooting, and suggesting possible workarounds for end customers.

We simulate testing scenarios from the end user’s perspective, including VPN, games, performance, and persistence testing, to prevent issues that the end user might encounter. Our team analyzes the environment through a heatmap and compares the CPE of the various providers on the market, providing solutions and results.