Kineton Audience Measurement Platform (KAMP)

SaaS platform designed to collect real information on customer behavior, such as access to channels and application usage, as well as data on IPTV channels, including viewing time, counters, types, and metadata. This data can be used to create user clusters that can be leveraged to provide custom content and advertising. The platform is flexible and easy to update, allowing customers to request changes or add KPIs as needed. KAMP is designed to handle data entry, processing, storage, modeling, and analysis to help customers better understand their audience and tailor their content and advertising to their needs.


Main Features: 

  • Data Ingestion and Transformation: ability to collect and transform data from both active and passive sources, which is then saved in a relational database using various ETL processes.
  • Data Modeling: creates a specific data model for each use case to ensure that the collected data is organized and easily accessible.
  • Analytics: utilizes data marts to collect and store various KPIs, which are then used to provide insightful analytics.
  • Reporting: employs powerful BI tools to display metrics and statistics derived from data marts, providing actionable insights to customers.