Kineton’s Aerospace department offers customized software solutions to meet the challenges of the Aerospace industry’s technological innovation related to data and analytics. This involves collecting, managing, and distributing large amounts of data and utilising analytical capabilities with AI to create value levers, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Kineton’s multidisciplinary team with cross-industry experience contributes a unique perspective to meet the Aerospace industry’s new challenges. We focus on data and AI technological trends to cover various needs in product and process engineering. With our experience in the transport system and automotive sector, Kineton can offer on-site consultancy, participate in partnerships, and outsource customer projects in the Aerospace market.

The transversal skills, which Kineton puts at disposal, are related to:

  • Modeling and Simulation for Control Strategies Design (Digital Twin);
  • Software Development (Model-Based Design);
  • Software Validation (Hardware-In-the-Loop, Rapid Control Prototyping);
  • Data Engineering (AI, Machine Learning).

Kineton can also boast vertical skills on issues of the aerospace domain, such as:

  • Energy Management Solutions;
  • On-Board Data Handling and Subsystem Management Design;
  • Advanced Navigation and Sensor Fusion;
  • Guidance, Navigation, and Control Design capabilities.

Within the aerospace industry, we include companies that are involved in the design, production, marketing, and maintenance of aircrafts as well as spacecrafts and specific equipment associated with the sector (e.g. launch vehicles, satellites, ground stations).