Meridiani Digitali

Meridiani Digitali

At the inaugural conference the digital challenge for the South and the opportunity for recovery.

The event “Meridiani Digitali“, held this morning in Naples Gianturco and moderated by the director of the Kineton Study Center Piero Marrazzo, was opened by the host, Eng. Giovanni Fiengo, CEO of the Campania SME.


“I am particularly proud and excited to host this event here in the heart of Kineton. We have recently closed the first five years of activity in an area that is defined by many as backward from a business point of view, and we will face the next period with the awareness of what we can do for this region that has given us so much.” Thus began Fiengo, who then continued, “Campania is a land rich in human capital and creativity, and in the world of digitization this is even more important than infrastructure. In other cities that are classically more favorable to the birth of businesses, our activity would perhaps not have been as successful. We feel a responsibility to give back.”


The morning was attended by several prominent speakers who discussed the challenge represented by the digital transition today, bringing their input and building the first important touchpoints on the topic.


“Digitization is the great engine of change,” said Renato Brunetta, Minister for Public Administration, during his speech, “it means speed, simplicity and proximity. We must digitize, it is inevitable. It is a path that must be governed, managed, mastered, lived and internalized, becoming a piece of our life, without becoming our life.”


A topic that represents both a great opportunity and an extremely delicate issue for the Mezzogiorno was addressed right in the heart of Southern Italy, an area that still lags behind.


“I believe that Naples can represent the ideal place where economy, technological innovation, but also inclusion and reduction of the gap are discussed,” said Gaetano Manfredi, mayor of Naples, on his second visit to the company, then concluding “The real challenge that Western societies have is to use the lever of innovation to create development and inclusion. I believe that Naples is a privileged context in which to address this challenge.”


The subsequent confrontation between Confindustria and trade unions, thanks to the presence of Vito Grassi, National Vice President of Confindustria and Pierpaolo Bombardieri, National Secretary UIL, revolved around a vowel.

“I” of infrastructure, innovation, inclusion, education, and business as a community. “I” for Italy. “They all come together to get to the bottom line,” as pointed out by Gian Paolo Manzella, Senior Advisor European Investment Fund.

Remote speakers at the conference were Roberto Gualtieri, Mayor of Rome, Leoluca Orlando, Mayor of Palermo, Nicola Farronato, Techstars Acceleration Program Partner, and Alessandra Sartore, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

An effective moment of confrontation, study and stimulus that testifies to the willingness of a territory to seize the great and strategic opportunity represented by digitization in order to recover a historical delay.

Naples, 6 May 2022



Based in Naples, Turin, Milan, and Reggio Emilia, Kineton is a scaleup with strong roots in Southern Italy. Established in March 2017 from the idea of a group of professionals, the company provides cutting-edge engineering services by creating and developing innovative solutions in the main technological sectors: Media, Automotive, Telco, IoT, Gaming, and Aerospace. It develops services and products to manage complex digital systems, from smart TVs to the numerous electronic control units of a car. Kineton offers its customers years of experience and acquired skills summarized in a targeted quality and high-tech offer that has led, after only four years since its birth, to boast some of the major players in the international market in its customer portfolio.

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