Mayor Gaetano Manfredi visited the Kineton headquarters in Naples

Mayor Gaetano Manfredi visited the Kineton headquarters in Naples

The First Citizen of the regional county seat guest of the engineering company.

Today the Mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi was a guest of Kineton in the headquarters of Via Gianturco 23 (at the industrial complex MecFond).

University professor, rector of the University Federico II of Naples until 2020, politician and former Minister of University and Research, Gaetano Manfredi is a visionary engineer with a humanist DNA.

Always convinced that research and innovation are priority levers to create sustainable and shared development, the former rector of the largest university in the South of Italy visited the laboratories of the Neapolitan headquarters together with Giovanni Fiengo, CEO of the company, to discover the technologies made in Kineton.

The first citizen of the regional capital has met and listened with great attention and interest to the young engineers describing the innovative solutions they have developed and the projects in which they are engaged in these early months of the new year.


If we put the quality of people at the center, we can’t go wrong.” reiterated the Mayor, showing the same attention to talent and people that characterizes the management of the engineering company.


Giovanni Fiengo, CEO of Kineton, said: “Gaetano Manfredi is a firm believer in research and innovation as priority pillars for the future of our country. Since its foundation, Kineton is committed to focusing on innovation through continuous research and development activities on which it believes and invests significantly. The presence of the Mayor today is not only a source of pride but also a stimulus and an opportunity for open dialogue with the institutions on issues of sustainability through technological development.”



Based in Naples, Milan, and Turin, Kineton is an engineering company that provides cutting-edge services by creating and developing innovative solutions in different technological sectors such as Media, Automotive, Telco, IoT, Gaming, and Aerospace. Born in March 2017 from the idea of a group of professionals, it develops services and products to manage complex digital systems, from smart TVs to a car’s numerous electronic control units. Kineton offers its customers innovation, experience, and expertise summed up in a targeted and high-tech offer that has led, after only four years since its birth, to boast some of the major players in the international market in its customer portfolio. Its teams assist customers throughout the software life cycle, managing projects in the laboratories, tackling problems with innovative solutions, and transforming ideas into successful projects.

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