Kineton official member of ATSC 3.0

Kineton official member of ATSC 3.0

Kineton is an official member of ATSC.

The membership organization currently has nearly 200 members, including companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies that actively participate in ATSC’s work.

Founded in 1983 to promote research and development of standards for digital TV in the United States, ATSC (which stands for Advanced Television Systems Committee) is an international non-profit commission that establishes technical standards for digital television. ATSC member organizations represent the semiconductor, satellite, cable TV, computer, consumer electronics, and video transmission systems industries.

NEXTGEN TV (Next Generation Television) is the trade name for the new standard for third-generation terrestrial, cable, and satellite ATCS, abbreviated ATSC 3.0.

Once again, Kineton is working to bring the present into the future.