Kineton new sponsor accelerator of NAStartUp

Kineton new sponsor accelerator of NAStartUp

Micro mobility, innovations in rental and fintech (such as Credimi), and guests from the world of finance (UniCredit and Zephiro Investments). StartupPlay, the live streaming format created by Antonio Prigiobbo and developed by the network and community of NAStartUp, returns to talk about innovation. Guests such as Giusy Stanziola of UniCredit, Joseph Grosso of Zephiro Investments, and Ignazio Rocco di Torrepadula of Credimi and the news of the format such as the entry of a new sponsor accelerator, Kineton, are some anticipations of the appointment in streaming, Wednesday, March 30 starting at 18:00 on and on all NAStartUp social networks:


“The entry of a new entrepreneurial group in the team, led by Giovanni Fiengo with Kineton, is an indication of how NAStartUp is able to intercept some of the best players of Italian innovation, connecting them. Idea Solution, Quadronica (, and now Kineton become active players in support of the community’s startups, both in terms of funding opportunities and in terms of sharing skills and experience,” explains Antonio Prigiobbo, founder of the initiative who leads the staff with the advisor, Brigida Ardolino, and Giancarlo Donadio.


What is NAStartUp

NAStartUp is a nonprofit Startup Ecosystem Accelerator. For years it has held the award as the best Challenge in Europe for innovation according to the UBI Global consortium that brings together 800 incubators and accelerators in the world. It develops a periodic event (monthly and free of charge) with a network and a community of over 8,000 talents that accelerates from the bottom and aims to create, grow and accelerate innovations, startups, and talents across Europe. The project is conceived and developed by the founder and director, Antonio Prigiobbo, an Innovation Designer.

The Meetup of Startups and Investors that Accelerate in Italy and Europe (and beyond): StartUp Day and Play

These are participation formats, developed in a chain, by the community itself, composed of professionals and companies that facilitate and accelerate the spread of the startup economy and innovation. Participation is completely free. The activities are self-produced and non-profit. The StartUp Play is the online format that brings the monthly event on streaming and develops new contaminations.

Startup Workshop

All activities are free thanks to the sponsors and partners who support the program, the open acceleration is free for everyone: IdeaSolutions Holding and Quadronica, Kineton, with partners Bott.One, Sartoria DA Napoli, Santa Chiara Boutique Hotel, Biancamore, Sticky Factory,, The Spark, Essequadro Eyewear, Creazione d’Impresa and SUGC (Sindacato Unitario Giornalisti della Campania).