Kineton admitted to TechShare 2022, Euronext’s pre-IPO program

Kineton admitted to TechShare 2022, Euronext’s pre-IPO program

Kineton, a company specializing in cutting-edge engineering services, today joins TechShare, Euronext Group’s pan-European pre-IPO training program. The project, now in its seventh edition, aims to help European companies in the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) and science sectors that aspire to a listing in the next 1-3 years.

This year, more than 120 companies in 10 European countries are participating in the initiative: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.

Kineton is participating in the six-month program, which is divided into several complementary modules. There will be workshop sessions in each participating country with expert partners who will cover topics related to the legal perspective, IPO valuation, equity story, financial disclosure, corporate governance, and post-listing requirements. Companies will also benefit from extensive one-on-one coaching sessions.

Giovanni Fiengo, CEO of Kineton said:

“Kineton’s admission to the TechShare program represents another step in the company’s continuous growth path. Five years after its establishment, we believe we are ready to take on new opportunities and new challenges thanks to all the key players in our ecosystem: our people and our partners.”


About Kineton

Based in Naples, Milan, and Turin, Kineton is an engineering company that provides cutting-edge services by creating and developing innovative solutions in different technological sectors such as Media, Automotive, Telco, IoT, Gaming, and Aerospace. Born in March 2017 from the idea of a group of professionals, it develops services and products to manage complex digital systems, from smart TVs to a car’s numerous electronic control units. Kineton offers its customers innovation, experience, and expertise summed up in a targeted and high-tech offer that has led, after only four years since its birth, to boast some of the major players in the international market in its customer portfolio. Its teams assist customers throughout the software life cycle, managing projects in the laboratories, tackling problems with innovative solutions, and transforming ideas into successful projects.

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