Bandwidth Usage Optimization in a Multi-Camera Systems

Bandwidth Usage Optimization in a Multi-Camera Systems

The sharing of bandwidth among multiple cameras often causes a reduction in frame rate and/or corrupted images due to packet collisions. For this reason, camera synchronization is fundamental for the proper functioning of a Multi-Camera System. The goal of the thesis work is to analyze the performance of a basic implementation without synchronization, develop a solution using the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and compare both configurations. The planned activities include a detailed analysis of the cameras, which involves studying their technical specifications, supported functionalities, and best practices for their use, a deep dive into the UDP protocol, and the implementation of the proposed solution.

Main topic:

Artificial Vision

Course of study and candidate requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related disciplines. The ideal candidate for this thesis should have strong skills in computer engineering, a good understanding of network protocols, and artificial vision technologies.

Location: Naples

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