Automotive On Board Charger

Automotive On Board Charger

This master thesis proposal focuses on the application of the Model Predictive Control (MPC) to an OnBoard Charger (OBC) for electric vehicles. The OBC is responsible for charging the vehicle’s battery pack, and ensuring that the charging process is safe, efficient, and fast. This thesis aims to design and implement an MPC-based control system for the OBC to optimize its charging performance.
The MPC approach involves modeling the OBC system dynamics, predicting future states, and selecting control actions to optimize a chosen performance criterion. The MPC algorithm is implemented and tested on a process-in-the-loop (PIL) setup, using realistic models of the battery pack and OBC.

Internship main topic:

Explores and develops advanced modeling and control strategies in Matlab&Simulink to explore their benefits for an OnBoard Charger (OBC) application.

Candidate requirements/Course of study:

Computer, Electronic, Automation Engineering.

Location: Naples

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