Automotive Battery Management System

Automotive Battery Management System

The battery pack is a crucial component in every electric vehicle and its proper functioning is essential for ensuring the safety and longevity of the vehicle. To achieve this, a reliable Battery Management System (BMS) is necessary. The BMS is an electronic controller that monitors and manages the various functions of a battery pack, including the balancing or equalization process.
Kineton is developing in its laboratory a functional BMS with an advanced control algorithm developed by means of the model-based paradigm. Our current focus is on the battery pack State of charge (SoC) and State of health (SoH) estimation, active cell balancing, fast charging, and impedance-based cell modeling.

Internship main topic:

Explores and develops advanced modeling and control strategies in Matlab&Simulink to populate the application layer of the Kineton battery management system.

Candidate requirements/Course of study:

Computer, Electronic, Automation Engineering.

Location: Naples

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