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We assist the customer in creating and developing products, providing innovative solutions in the main technological sectors such as Media Television, ICT, Telco, Automotive, and Gaming. Kineton provides its customers with innovation, experience, and expertise through a targeted quality offer.



Media Communication


Aerospace & Industry 4.0




This area is mainly engaged in the Automotive sector, but it finds its technical dimension in the V-Cycle of embedded software development. This activity is carried out for many car-makers and Tier-one for both passenger and industrial projects and covers all the ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) present on the vehicle.

The area consists of 3 macro Competence Centres, each verticalized on a well-defined phase of the software V-Cycle:

Following the V-Cycle, the Competence Center is in charge of defining the software and system specifications, after which the software architecture is defined and developed by performing the AUTOSAR methodology. Once the architecture has been defined, we move on to the software’s actual development, which is articulated on various levels, applying different methodologies. In particular, it ranges from software generation for Basic Layer with Autosar Vector tools, up to the development of models for application software with Model-Based Design approach, models that are then automatically generated in C code (Autosar or not).

Once the single models have been developed, to guarantee that they respect the inital requirements, the software integration and testing are carried out.

Afferent to this Competence Center, always concerning the embedded software development, there is all the configuration and development of communication protocols on vehicles (CAN, LIN, Ethernet, etc.) and the management, in terms of computational power and memory allocation, of microprocessors on the various ECUs.

In view of realizing products with high-quality standards, a testing phase is necessary so that the software development is compliant with the standards defined in the Automotive sector. To fulfill this function, considering a product development dictated by process rules defined in the V-Cycle, the Competence Center is well inserted in the final part of this process, that is to verify that the software contents of each ECU on board of the vehicle respect the quality standards and all the qualitative and quantitative KPIs imposed by the customers.

Specifically, the Competence Center carries out its testing activities on the main technologies available on the market, ranging from internal combustion engines to electric engines, focusing on new technological trends concerning driver assistance systems (ADAS) and infotelematic systems.

In compliance with the V-Cycle, it deals with the writing of system requirements, check-lists and test execution, both in a simulated environment using the HiL methodology, and on the actual vehicle. 

Under this competence fall all the activities of choice and configuration of HiL systems. In particular the Competence Center, ranging among the main suppliers of the sector (dSPACE, Vector, Mathworks, National Instruments), deals with the choice of the most suitable HiL system for the work to be carried out, both in terms of hardware and software licences, optimizing costs and choosing a product that perfectly fits the needs of the testing activity to be performed. 

Once the HiL system has been chosen, the team deals with designing the physical interconnections between the sytem under test and the simulator and with the development of simulation models of all the communication protocols present in the system. In addition to the communication and I/O models, the Competence Center has gained the experience to develop mathematical simulation models for all vehicle components, including hybrid and electric powertrain systems. 

Once the system has been prepared, the team is also responsible for defining the HiL configuration plans, in terms of effort and timing, and for developing the automatic tests with related report generation, thus ensuring that the testing can meet high standards of reliability and can be performed in less time.

Media Communication

Through the development of specific competencies in the Media Entertainment sector, Kineton has taken part in the project of the digital transformation of italian television, contributing to the development of the HbbTV standard, to the realization of interactive applications for the vast majority of broadcasters, and the management of new forms of advertising on the big and small screen. The proliferation of content distribution platforms has represented a challenge for both the advertising and content distribution sectors.

Thanks to its expertise, our team is ready to meet all the needs of the media-entertainment world, operating on all types of signal transmission: broadcast, broadband, and hybrid.

Kineton is a Tivùsat certifying body for the issue of the LaTivù, LaTivù4k, Tivùsat HD labels and is one of the 6 European Test Centers recognized by the HbbTV Association.

Kineton has created products that allow our clients to dynamically manage their multi-platform offerings in terms of content and audience measurement (Kineton Audience Measurement Platform) and advertising/announcement (Kineton Announcement Real-time Platform).

  • KAMP – Kineton Audience Measurement Platform

Kineton Audience Measurement Platform is a modular platform that allows broadcasters to collect information on the use of the application present on the device; in fact, it can be integrated with any application developed (HbbTV, Android, iOS, etc.).

The collected data are usable through a web application, provided as SaaS, hosted on cloud services.

Through the platform, the user will be able to:

  • use viewing data to propose personalized content, editorial and/or advertising services;
  • analyze preferences, satisfaction, habits of use and viewing;
  • process TV content consumption data through the use of profiling cookies.

This platform is modular because it allows to activate one or more features according to the customer’s needs.

Here are more details:

  • audience – allows to assess the behaviour of end-users based on the use of the application;
  • profiling – based on the information collected, the platform identifies “profiles” represented through graphs;
  • participation – the platform has a CMS for managing surveys and collecting votes made directly from the application.

  • KARP – Kineton Announcement Real-time Platform

KARP is a software ecosystem designed and developed by Kineton that allows advertising and real-time announcement management. 

Through the platform, our clients will be able to manage their advertising campaigns with autonomy and simplicity.

KARP’s Dashboard is designed to manage everything intuitively and effectively; in addition to creating, planning, and launching campaigns, it can interface with the different schedules to make the process of creating campaigns as integrated as possible with what is being broadcast.

It is possible to define different types of creativity and the only limit is imagination.

Campaign creation also includes the association of one or more assets. A dynamic interface will show all available creations that the user has previously uploaded.

In real-time, the user will be able to see statistics on how the campaign is performing. A table will show the results to be monetised according to the CPM rules.

By using KARP, our customers will be able to manage their own advertising campaigns!


Telco competencies are related to the complete cycle of telecommunications from the validation of network interoperability systems both in mobile legacy (2G/3G & 4G) and advanced networks (4G+, 5G), up to the validation of single components such as CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). The collaboration with technological partners in the sector allows Kineton to be always at the forefront in the choice and proposition of solutions.

Kineton has always followed DAB+ and can suppot the customer during the certification and validation of Digital Audio Broadcasting technologies through the In-House modern instrumentation that we possess. However, our spirit is to continuously expand and enhance our resources.

We can smoothly reproduce Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), as well as previous FM with Radio Data System (RDS) and AM radio signals.

Like all technologies, the Wi-Fi mode is always in continuous evolution, and Kineton prepares and builds together with the needs of the various customers ad Hoc labs to identify, analyze, and support devices’ interoperability (mobile and industrial) to new requirements.


Thanks to Kineton’s experience in the world of transport systems, particularly in the Automotive sector, the company can articulate a specific engineering offer in the Aerospace market by offering on-site consulting or participating in the development of outsourcing customer projects.

The transversal competencies that Kineton offers are related to:

  • Modeling and Simulation for Control Strategies Design (Digital Twin);
  • Software Development (Model Based Design);
  • Software Validation (Hardware-in-the-Loop, Rapid Control Prototyping);
  • Data Engineering (AI, Machine Learning).

This know-how is declined on some of the most innovative techological trajectories of the Aerospace domain, such as:

  • Energy Management Solutions;
  • On Board Data Handling and Subsystem Management Design;
  • Advanced Navigation and Sensor Fusion;
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control Design capabilities.



Through the participation in important R&D initiatives carried out with leading national industries, Kineton is developing new skills related to Industry 4.0 and related to Quality Control techologies useful to propose innovative Advanced Manufacturing solutions for the Smart Factory.

Further vertical competencies present in the company on themes more proper to the Industry 4.0 domain concern:

  • Smart Maintenance solutions, also through Augmented Reality (AR);
  • Software design for SCADA system.

Research and development

Kineton does much more than testing and validation: the projects coming out of our advanced laboratories are the most innovative you’ll ever see, in part due to our ongoing relationship with top local universities as well as their best graduates. Here’s some of what we do:



As cities evolve, so does the technology that powers them. Kineton ensures that our new world is as safe as it is effective so that all of us can enjoy the improvements in the quality of life that this advanced age brings.

  • Internet of things: smart and connected systems
  • Cooperative autonomous driving
  • Pattern recognition, data mining, and machine learning in building decision-making systems
  • Applications and services in the areas of safety, mobility, and healthcare
  • Predictive maintenance



It may always be sunny in Naples’ headquarters, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any clouds. The cloud is always there anytime, anywhere and for anyone who needs it. Kineton is at the forefront in designing products and providing services that will let our partners and users enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Cloud services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)
  • DevOps on Cloud
  • Machine learning applications
  • Secure management of virtualized resources



Software is only as good as the engineers behind the scenes that made it. Kineton will make sure our partners make the most out of their software, using advanced automation to optimize its quality.

  • Learning-based testing
  • Traceability among requirements, model, and tests
  • Determine the minimum set of tests to reduce execution time
  • Optimal testing coverage

What did the fridge say to the toaster?

It may sound like a setup for a great joke, but the reality is that in a connected world, communication between appliances and other devices is just a part of the Internet of Things that is slowly going to change all of our lives.

Safetyefficiencycost-effectiveness – Kineton is at the forefront of it all, using wireless sensor networks, connectivity, and machine learning algorithms to make it all happen. Kineton designs, develops, and builds smart services and systems that make the present look like the stuff of science fiction.

The mother of all buzzwords is anything but. Omniscient. Ubiquitous. All-knowing. That’s the cloud, alright.

At Kineton, we know how to virtualize and pool IT resources in the cloud in order to increase flexibility, agility, and cost-effectiveness.

  • We design and implement DevOps platforms on the cloud to meet the goals of continuous integration, development, build, deployment, test, and release phases
  • We analyze, design, and improve solutions for data protection and secured information sharing in the cloud
  • We design and build cloud platforms for smart cities

Never be complacent. Always strive for greatness. One of our many mottos.
Kineton endeavors to improve both software testing speed and quality, and we do this while minimizing cost, maximizing efficiency, and reducing time and resources spent.

  • We design and implement testing platforms to manage test through automation and streamlining of the entire validation process
  • We analyze, design, and implement platforms based on the paradigm of learning-based testing (LBT)
  • We deal with optimal design and activity schedule to maximize coverage in the software testing process
  • We define necessary metrics for the determination of the test coverage


The connected car, that is a vehicle capable of accessing to the Internet, of communicating with smart devices as well as other cars and road infrastructures, and of collecting real-time data from multiple sources, is playing a fundamental role on the Internet Of Things (IoT). In this direction, Kineton has deposited a brand, IoCars, whose name itself underlines our will to be part of the digital revolution in the automotive domain. Today’s cars are asked to relieve drivers from the most stressful operations needed for driving, providing them with interesting and updated entertainment functions. In the meantime, they have to comply with the increasingly stringent standards about safety and reliability. In this context, Kineton offers technology consulting services about the design, the development and testing of In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) and telematics functionalities.

The Automotive IVI system is a device whose purpose is to provide information and entertainment for the driver and passengers to benefit from an enhanced in-vehicle experience. Various technological advancements in the automotive domain have led to the introduction of IVI devices with innovative features to meet the growing customer expectations in terms of connectivity, entertainment and digital services. As proof of what has been said, as mobile phone use has risen and risen, so too has the desire on the part of drivers to use their smartphones for the same purposes in their cars. Therefore, one of the main challenges is to build all the smartphone services in the IVI system and at the same time to grant a safe driving experience.
As your infotainment solution partner, we provide end-to-end support throughout your product development roadmap with focus on HMI/UI/UX design, product architecture, technology selection, infotainment software, car-smartphone and 3rd party integration, product validation and engineering support.

The Telematics Control Unit (TCU) is an embedded in-vehicle control unit that includes a variety of electrical, positioning and wireless interfaces such as GNSS, LTE (4G), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CAN, USB and Ethernet to provide connected in-vehicle services. 
It is able to connect the vehicle to the cloud to make digital services available, help keep the driver and passengers safe, access to a variety of integrated conveniences where the vehicle occupants can get access to location sensitive information and content and/or to entertainment contents and enable an automatic emergency to call in the event of an accident.
As your telematics solution partner, we offer support in designing and developing software solutions with focus on the architecture design, software development and testing, technology selection and integration with cloud-based platforms.