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States General 2019 – Lucca

States General 2019 – Lucca

22 May 2019

Kineton will be in Lucca on the 5th and 6th of June for the States General 2019 event.

The 16th European Digital Forum of Lucca is flanked by the HDFI States General, opened in Salerno in September 2018, which represented a technical consultation between all the delegates of the HDFI Associates, to question the evolution of the use of television media over the next decade. Preceded by a due market survey by the IHS company.

The activity continues in 2019 with a second survey, conceived and managed directly by HDFI in the wake of what emerged last year, through a web questionnaire of about thirty questions, to which a sample of three hundred guests, technology experts in the field of media, audiovisual and information technology has answered. A new session of the States General will take place in Lucca on the 6th of June and will, in the meantime, examine a first preview of the survey results, released in the third ten days of May. The meeting is reserved for a representative delegation of all HDFI Associates and a selected parterre of potential future associates, with a significant presence in new emerging sectors, such as OTT, 5G, AI, Big Data Blockchain operators. These are increasingly important players in the ecosystem of the television offer, also in terms of the ability to measure, profile and guide consumption trends, both in terms of content and device. A large number of results will be studied, re-elaborated, and organized by the same IHS over the next few months. IHS will release a document, as the basis of an HDFI publication titled “Age of Disruption,” scheduled for presentation at the next annual HDFI conference, in autumn, in Rome. The macro-trends highlighted by the survey and the main consequent actions for a multi-year HDFI agenda will thus be outlined.