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Kineton – Persidera Partnership

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The structure of the media market is undergoing an important redefinition, the television market is evolving towards “television 4.0 in the era of convergence”, that is, connected television.
The HbbTV technology integrated in television sets favours the growth and diffusion of interactive services (targeted advertising, content on demand, enriched TV, audience profiling, etc.) in which even Italian “broadcasters” are showing increasing interest. Business models are evolving to incorporate technological innovations that expand the types of services; Kineton intends to be at the forefront of this market through the development of innovative services for its customers and the adoption of marketing strategies aimed at exploring new trajectories of possible expansion.
In 2019 Kineton and Persidera signed a partnership agreement for the provision of Interactive Services to Customers, with the aim of promoting and enhancing commercial and operational synergies, jointly developing technical solutions and innovative services tailored to customer needs. The aim is to offer a unique and high-performance product/service that is designed and packaged together with the customer, in order to adapt to its specific editorial characteristics.
In particular, interactive applications will be developed on DTT, SAT and SMART-TV platforms that will allow SMAV service providers to:
– To use, for their own marketing/advertising needs, all the information related to their audience of users, suitably collected and processed by the platform,
– enjoy on-demand audiovisual content on the IP channel;
– advertise with personalized banners, pre, mid and postroll videos;
– propose surveys, content evaluation;
– offer additional informations associated with audiovisual content;
– make online purchases associated with audiovisual content.