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Automotive Solutions

Automotive Solutions

Kineton is an industry leader with vast expertise in the automotive sector, and we know cars inside and out. Our engineers work around the clock to bring out the most innovative solutions possible.

Control Algorithms

Automotive controls are not exactly a walk in the park, but at Kineton, we have years of combined experience with different control methodologies and domains.

Thanks to our software developers’ vast expertise in engineering, we have mastered open and closed-loop control strategies at prototype and production level for all modern engines and vehicles, such as electric engines, hybrid engines, automated manual transmissions, and VVT and VVA systems.

Our engineers are hybrid vehicle experts, and their experience and expertise in all of the disciplines involved in hybrid development shows in our services. We don’t only develop software components, such as electric machine management with power electronics and battery, but also control systems and their integration to create full hybrid systems.

Working hand in hand with prominent manufacturers and suppliers, we create innovative solutions and optimize the development processes involved while taking new and modified hybrid powertrains to the point of mass production.
Finally, our software is developed to be Autosar compliant, and the code is generated automatically on the basis of software development systems, such as MATLAB/Simulink or Labview.

We are extremely skilled in control system development:

  • Production-ready development of entire control systems for all classic and hybrid powertrains
  • Development of software for safety-critical systems and diagnostic functions from requirements specification to production release
  • Control and integration of new transmission concepts for prototype
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Intelligent Transportation Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Intelligent Transportation Systems

The automotive world is evolving rapidly from closed hardware-based vehicles, to open and connected mobile systems, providing the opportunity for new collaborations. Our cars are becoming an extension of clients’ connected lifestyle, offering access to tailored services that should be presented safely, conveniently, and in-vehicle. Increasing urbanisation and ecological awareness have brought a major change in the way we think about the automotive world, leading to a focus on sustainable development and alternative mobility. As a consequence, there has been rapid development in electric and hybrid vehicles and associated intelligent technologies. Examples include energy management and optimised driving styles. These intelligent technologies are necessary to enable manufacturers to differentiate their products, and their cost and time requirements need to be adapted to the demand of the automotive market.

Kineton focuses on ensuring that the automotive industry can meet the challenges of these new technologies and manage the complexities of the product and associated business models. Kineton has experience with and offers services to all automotive sectors including passenger, trucks, commercial, and agricultural vehicles.

Kineton’s connectivity services are focused on the design, prototyping and turn-key development of the complete range of automotive connectivity technology and performance including: multimedia, IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment), navigation and telematics systems, optimised driving systems and diagnostic applications (OBD).

This includes specific excellence centres addressing Advanced User Experience technologies and ergonomics. We were responsible for the full lifecycle development of infotainment software, and significantly reduced lifecycle cost through effective software reuse for an important Italian system control maker.

Car Infotainment

Car Infotainment

Is your car as smart as your mobile phone? We’re working on it.

How does Kineton truly separate itself from the rest of the pack? Well, our two specialties are the media and automotive sectors – we’re able to combine our expertise in both of these fields in one unified, multidisciplinary project that will truly scream ‘excellence’!

At Kineton, our engineers are blazing a trail for smart software solutions for embedded systems in the automotive sector. What does that mean? We’re bringing the entertainment on the road with you thanks to our innovative infotainment applications.

Technology is already all around us in every type of environment imaginable; we are just making those environments smarter.

Our experts design and develop software solutions for embedded systems in the automotive sector to develop infotainment applications using new generation car infotainment systems like Android Auto and Apple Carplay.
Let’s shape the future with innovation.

  • IDE – Web Storm, XCode
  • Presentation – Java Android, Obj-C /Swift, HTML5, JS, CSS3
  • Control – Javascript, C++
  • Versioning – GIT
Testing Mobile Applications

At Kineton we support our partners through each and every step of verification and validation, all the way from the analysis of the requirements to the release in the production environment and more, using the most up-to- date practices and tools, such as AGILE and DevOps.

Additionally, after writing and executing test cases, we use TestLink to manage the software and redline for bug tracking.

We are experienced in various types of testing specifically for infotainment and related mobile apps, including:

  • Functional Test
  • Non Functional Test
  • Interoperability Test using different mobile ISPs
  • Signal Test (Bluetooth, USB, and others)
  • Video and Audio Signal
  • Radio Frequency Signal Generation
  • HMI and User Interface
  • Diagnosis software validation
  • Integration Test for vehicle ECU

We test your auto apps to ensure that users can have the best experience of interaction without unexpected bugs and glitches. Because today’s technology can only be appreciated if it’s working as expected. With this in mind, we run tests on several apps:

  • Android Auto
  • Apple CarPlay
  • uConnect
Automotive Embedded Software

Automotive Embedded Software

We program electronic control units to govern several vehicle parts.
We program in C/C++ and use the most efficient and advanced development approaches such as Model Based Design and Basic Software Code generation in AUTOSAR environment.

All our development processes are efficient too, like agile V-Cycle, SPICE, and bilateral traceability to client specifications. We guarantee its reliability with quality assurance, tools, configuration and project management support processes.
Our code complies with coding safety, security, portability and reliability rules (MISRA,ISO26262).

    The development is referred to all main architecture layers:

  • SW Architecture
  • Application
  • Basic Software (BSW/CDD/MCAL)
From Customer’s Dreams to tester’s Sweat

At Kineton, we have a vast expertise and proven track record with different development toolchains (Elektrobit/ETAS/dSpace/IBM/Mathworks), adapting on customer approach.

Our input are System requirements (IBM Doors), Specific Protocols (CAN, LIN, UDS, SPI, PowerLine Communication) and Datasheets.

We can create the software architecture in order to detail interfaces properties, create the Modules split and show the functionality flow.
For application layer we consider the Model Based Design as the core of the development process. This approach helps ensuring a structured development process and provide a visual representation of the functionality.
Auto-generated code can guarantee highly reusable code, early test and verification, no syntax errors, reduced testing time by bugs pre-catching & correction and automatic reports generation.

For the Basic Software we can develop the software both using the tools for code auto-generation and – usually – handcode approach.

Automotive Validation

Automotive Validation

The Kineton automotive validation department is an industry leader, and we cover the complete automotive validation lifecycle both in our own laboratories and at the client site, including:

  • Test Case definition
  • HIL configuration
  • HIL validation
  • In-vehicle validation
Control Systems

We define the ECU software requirements to be compliant with diagnostic targets, in order to evaluate vehicle functions. We write these software requirements for all of the software found in all the vehicle’s ECUs. More specifically, we deal with diagnosis, CAN and LIN communication, and all of the vehicle’s functions.


We work on the checklist validation process for testing vehicle engines. Kineton has written test cases for:

  • All vehicle functions
  • Diagnosis norms
  • Network norms

Why choose Kineton? Here’s what separates our process from the rest:

  • Clear description of each test case (the test should be simple and each step of the test case should be an atomic action);
  • Creation of many non-standard test cases that cover non-standard requirements (e.g. fleet maneuver that caused an issue that isn’t included in any requirements);
  • Creation of coverage matrices to link each test case to a specific requirement. This is useful for traceability and for the versioning of test cases and requirements for different releases and versions of the requirements;
  • Flexibility to quickly manage any changes in the requirements.
HIL Configuration and Modelling

One of the most difficult technical services we provide is the configuration of simulators, insomuch as we are one of the few companies in Italy able to configure a simulator (dSPACE, NI) from scratch and deliver it to the customer perfectly functional and customized according to their needs.

Specifically, we at Kineton:

  • Choose the simulator that best reflects the client’s needs, selecting the most suitable interface;
  • Develop and actualize all of the hardware connections between the simulator and the ECU being tested;
  • Actualize the software configuration for the exchange of information between the simulator and the ECU;
  • Implement the engine and vehicle simulation model;

We do all of this both in our two Italian laboratories in Naples and Turin and at the client site.

HIL and In-Vehicle Validation

Software validation is carried out in two different testing environments:

  • Simulated environment
  • Vehicle

In both cases, we perform all of the tests necessary to certify that the software functions properly.
In particular, we run tests on the following parts of software:

  • Safety and diagnosis
  • Vehicle functions
  • CAN and LIN communication protocol

As automotive software validation is one of the main things we do at Kineton, we have created four testing labs:

  • Two laboratories (Naples, Turin) for tests in simulated environments;
  • Two laboratories (Naples, Turin) for tests in vehicles;

Our testing activities are done not only in our labs, but also at various client locations, where we develop test automation and carefully report the work we do.
We run tests on all the ECUs present in a vehicle: powertrain, body, ABS, cluster, infotainment, and more.

Production Support

Additionally, Kineton also provides production support. In a nutshell, we analyse and find solutions to all the software problems that can arise at the end of production:

  • ECU reprogramming
  • Proxy
  • End Of Line tests
  • Memory error analysis with an emphasis on finding their possible causes.


Media Television Solutions

Media Television Solutions

As the world of media turns, the standards keep changing. Our partners can rest assured that we’ve kept up to date. Our team have the knowledge that’ll meet your needs.

Broadband Signal TV, Digital Video Broadcasting, Hybrid Signal; we do it all.

Today’s customers are a new breed. They are always on-the-go and plugged-in. They will not miss a second of the big match or a single breaking news story. In other words, there is no difference between their world and their media. We put the entertainment in their lives.

We are proud to announce that Kineton is a partner of HDFORUM. More information can be found at the following link:

Media software factory

Media Software Factory

Kineton has designed and developed engaging interactive applications on several types of television-embedded systems to count – OTT TV players, Satellite and Terrestrial decoders, Smart TVs – you name it.

  • Satellite Set-Top- Box:
    • Media platform: DVB-S
    • Programming language: Java SE, NodeJS, JavaScript
    • BE Data Format: XML and JSON files
    • IDE: Eclipse, WebStorm
    • Simulation environment: DecTek card, Broadcast ToolBox, Debug Logger Software, Luna Simulator
    • Execution environment: JVM, NodeJS
  • Digital terrestrial Set-Top-Box, CAM, TVs:
    • Media platform: DVB-T, MHP, HbbTV
    • Programming language: Java, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3
    • BE Data Format: XML and JSON files
    • IDE: Eclipse, WebStorm
    • Simulation environment: UT-100 DVB-T Mod/Dem x1, OpenCaster Software
  • IP Set-top-Box:
    • Media platform: IPTV
    • Middleware: WyPlay
    • Programming language: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
    • BE Data Format: Json files
    • IDE: WebStorm
    • Simulation environment: Browser
  • OTT Roku TV Player:
    • Media platform: OTT
    • Middleware: Roku
    • Programming language: Brightscript
    • BE Data Format: Json files
    • IDE: Eclipse
    • Simulation environment: Test environment
  • OTT Vodafone TV Player:
    • Media platform: OTT
    • Middleware: Sagemcom
    • Programming language: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
    • BE Data Format: Json files
    • IDE: WebStorm
    • Simulation environment: Test environment
IT Solutions

How do businesses run? With efficient tools and technology, and we make them run.

Our brilliant coders at Kineton build and develop using different software methodologies and techniques such as Web Applications, Internet-Intranet portals, Stand-alone and client/server solutions, Enterprise Systems with SOA Architecture, Distributed Systems with Microservices Design whatever you need.

  • Web Applications & Internet-Intranet Portals:
    • Platform: JEE, .NET, LAMP
    • Libs & Frameworks: Angular, React, JAX-RS, ASP MVC, ASP Core, .NET EF
    • Programming language: Java, C#, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS
    • RDBMS & NoSQL: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQL Server
  • Enterprise Systems with SOA Architecture:
    • Platform: JEE, JBOSS, JBOSS ESB, JBPM
    • Libs & Framework: Spring, Hibernate & JPA
    • Programming language: Java, PLSQL
    • RDBMS: Oracle DB
  • Distributed Systems with Microservices Design:
    • Platform: NodeJS, JEE
    • Libs & Framework: Spring Boot, Sparkle, Moleculer, Seneca
    • Programming language: Javascript, Java
    • Container: Docker
  • Reporting Systems:
    • Product: Jasper Reports, Jasper Server
  • Products:
    • CMS: Adobe Experience Manager, Magnolia, Bonita BPM, Alfresco
Mobile Solutions

Name someone you know without a smartphone. Okay, yes, your 80-years-old
grandmother. Anyone else? We didn’t think so.

Smartphones and tablets are more and more a part of our daily lives and these devices are indispensable instruments and information channels.

Depending on what our customers need, we always have the right solution, building mobile application by adopting native, as well as hybrid or modern progressive technologies.

As a certified Samsung partner, we are able to configure, customize, manage and monitor corporate mobile devices, preventing security breaches and taking care of the user privacy.

  • Mobile – Native & Hybrid Solutions:
    • Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
    • Libs & Frameworks: Cordova, Angular JS, JQuery Mobile, Ionic, ReactNative, Xamarin, Titatium Accelerator
    • IDE: Android Studio, XCode, Visual Studio
  • Mobile Device Management & Security
    • Samsung Knox Suite: Configure, Mobile Enrollement, Manage, Workspace, E-Fota
AR/VR/MR solutions

Industry 4.0 is inspiring a deep transformation of industrial processes and practices by suggesting and promoting the adoption of new technologies capable of fostering innovation. Among these, Virtual and Mixed reality are the ones that appear closer to the user preferences.

Kineton follows the entire Reality Virtuality Continuum proposing to its customer services ranging from the basic 3D modelling to the creation of full virtual setting as well as mixed ones.

  • AR/VR Solutions
    • Platforms: PC, Android, iOS
    • Devices: Cardboard, Samsung VR Gear, Oculus RIFT
    • APIs: Google VR API, Gear VR API, Oculus VR API, Vuforia AR API,
    • 3D engines: Unity, Unreal, Blender
    • Hand-free controllers: Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion, Asus Xtion.
Validation and Verification

Validation and Verification

The most exciting step in the development of a new design is finally getting to test it and see it in action. Kineton performs any test you could think of, Unit and Integration, Functional or Non Functional, depending on the project.

In the Media TV area we validate interactive application in Satellite, Terrestrial, IPTV and Over the Top Television signal, supporting our customers on each phase of software cycle-life such as:

  • Requirements Analysis.
  • Writing the BAT, ATP and UAT.
  • Application Performance Test.
  • UI Validation.
  • Analysis of the results.
  • Reporting the anomalies found.
  • Release in production environment.
Broadband TV

Nowadays, the consumption of media is evermore based on the internet. Traditional distribution is starting to go by the wayside, and an increasingly large number of customers get their media directly over the internet. Whether this is by signing up for OTT services such as Netflix or Hulu, or using the IPTV services of Sky or TIM, the demand for entertainment is constant.
Kineton’s services will guarantee a high quality product from the start of the project to the launch in a live environment.
We develop and certify these applications on all the different platforms:

  • Browser
  • Mobile (smartphone, tablet)
  • SetTopBox (Vodafone TV, Roku, Tim Vision)
  • Smart TV
  • Console (Xbox, Playstation)
  • Chromcast
  • Apple TV

We also perform crucial Streaming testing for OTT and IPTV using different checks:

  • Sync audio and video
  • Release DRM license
  • Chunk download
  • Geoblocking
  • Manage subtitles and change audio
  • Keep alive
  • Pin request with parental control set
  • Manage the bitrate to test ABR
  • Video download and streaming without WI-FI
  • Check all of your errors (example without subscription, WI-FI, full slot…)
  • Update audio/video settings from the web and then check to update in the other environment
Digital Video Broadcasting

At Kineton, we make sure that your DVB systems work exactly as they should. Our testing is comprehensive, and no matter the type that is needed, we’re there for our partners.

  • Front end
    • Media software Content management system
  • Hardware validation
    • Wireless connection
    • Wired Connection
    • Chipset functionalities standard certification
  • Back End
    • Enterprise Service Bus
    • DB management
    • Digital Right Management
    • Digital Asset Management
    • Security Identity Management
    • API management
  • End2End integration
    • System validation
    • HE system integration

Reaching across the face of the globe is no small feat, and yet we as a unified people have cracked its code. What started as smoke signals and carrier pigeons hundreds and hundreds of years ago has now become the intricate network of telecommunications, and it has really just started to grow and develop.

Kineton is no stranger to the sector; let us show you what we do.

Radio Network

It’s not always easy to envision how new hardware and software solutions can enter the modern paradigm while simultaneously dealing with any issues that may arise. However, Kineton is there all the same. We help our partners identify problems, prioritize the issues, and suggest proactive solutions to the problem:

  • Application testing
    • Native application: we perform the Acceptance Test to validate activities on browser, connectivity, feeds, SMS/MMS, multimedia playback and streaming, service indication etc.
    • 3rd party application: we perform testing activities on Facebook, Skype, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Telegram etc.
    • Customer application: we perform testing and validation activities of the dedicated application, i.e. NOW TV and SKYGO
  • Radio InterOperability Test
    • Validation of handsets through radio testing activities of
      GSM/UMTS/HSPA/LTE/VoLTE, GPS and WI-FI features
    • Certification of handsets procedures based on GCF requirements, log
      analysis, defect reporting/management/verification
  • USIM Certification
    • o Certificate SIM functionality (SIM-API, OTA, CAT-TP) in according to the standard
    • o Functionality tests of NFC technology for commercial purposes
    • o End-to- end UICC/USIM card electronic
    • o Definition and development of a testing automation platform to control signaling hardware
  • Network and Monitoring (Telemetry). We design and develop smartphone agents for evaluation of Quality of Experience and Quality of Service through:
    • Data collection
    • Real-time network monitoring
    • Identifying different usage behaviors of smartphones
    • Analysing, measuring and improving network performance
Network Virtualization

Making sense of it all is hard. Kineton’s there to help. We support our clients with the design and the validation of solutions based on Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization.

The combination of hardware and software network resources and network functionality into a single, software-based administrative tool – a virtual network – that’s network virtualization. Our combined years of experience will help put everything in its place.

  • Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is the next step in virtualization, taking physical networking equipment and running it in a VM.
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) centralizes and automates management of network device
    • Centralizes command and control in the network
    • Delegates the network flow control decision making to a device with network omniscience
    • Separates the Control plane from the Data plane
In House Labs

In House Labs

The Kineton laboratories boast state-of-the-art technology, innovative techniques, and our dedicated team of highly skilled engineers.
In our laboratories, we:

  • Validate the interactive application in SAT, DTT, IPTV and OTT environment.
  • Validate Web and Mobile applications.
  • Deploy interactive applications production environment.
  • Certify Application Performance Test on DAM and CISCO Apps.
  • Simulate Transport Stream for Media Broadcaster.
  • Generate Back-End data flow and Service Bus Integration.
  • Manage and monitor live application 24/7.
  • Perform market research on several platforms (SkyOnline, Netflix, Infinity and Chili TV), evaluate “Pro and Cons” and suggest possible improvements.
  • Plan and manage Software Design Network.
  • Define and create Virtual Network Function.

We support our customers on each phase of the software life cycle:

  • Requirements Analysis.
  • Writing the BAT, ATP and UAT.
  • Application Performance Test.
  • UI Validation.
  • Analysis of the results.
  • Reporting the anomalies found.
  • Release in production environment.

Because of our partnership our laboratories are equipped with the most up-to-date technology so that we can:

  • reproduce digital video broadcasting (DVB) for satellite, terrestrial and cable signal;
  • reproduce Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), FM with Radio Data System (RDS) and AM radio signal;
  • reproduce OTT scenarios executed through our content delivery network (CDN)
  • fulfill radio TLC testing (non-access stratum, field testing, etc according with standard and manufacturer requirements);

In our Mobile laboratories we can execute Acceptance Test Plans, using the last model launched, following the official analysis of the market:

  • More than 150 tablets.
  • More than 250 smartphones.
  • Several types of Wifi Connection (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac).
  • Several types of Mobile Network to execute tests in 3G, 4G (such as VDF, TIM, H3G/Wind, AT&T, ..).
  • Several type of ISP provider (such as Fastweb, VDF, TIM, Telefonika, ..).
  • Several types of VPN to simulate a different location ( eg. Spain, London..).
  • TP-automated switches to simulate different network levels and RLT.


Embedded Device Security Assessment

Embedded Device Security Assessment

How do we stop security breaches and vulnerabilities in their tracks? Our state-of- the-art testing, all performed by the technical experts at Kineton. We ensure that our partner’s security controls, such as authentication and authorization won’t ever be bypassed on our watch.

We test the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your embedded devices using simulated attacks. We are able to test:

  • Embedded devices and IoT
  • Set-Top Boxes
  • Web and Mobile Applications
  • Car Infotainment Systems
  • Electronic Control Units
Secure Software Engineering

Secure Software Engineering

Secure software means a great experience both for our partners and the users. That’s why Kineton specializes in building security into your software lifecycle.

Our proactive approach means that we won’t just be responding to problems as they come along, but we’ll be active from the get-go to eliminate security issues.

Automotive Cyber Security

Automotive Cyber Security

The more important the design, the more important it is to be secure. And what could be more important than our transportation?

For Kineton, cyber security is not just an afterthought to be hastily added on at the end of development. Rather, it is an aspect taken into account in the design itself. From the concept phase through to the production, operation, and service, we’re always thinking about the security of the design.


R&D Projects

R&D Projects

Kineton does much more than testing and validation – the projects coming out of our advanced laboratories are the most innovative you’ll ever see, in part due to our ongoing relationship with top local universities as well as their best graduates. Here’s some of what we do:

Advanced Safety and Quality of Life Technology

As cities evolve, so does the technology that powers them. Kineton ensures that our new world is as safe as it is effective so that all of us can enjoy the improvements in the quality of life that this advanced age bring.

  • Internet of things: smart and connected systems
  • Cooperative autonomous driving
  • Pattern recognition, data mining and machine learning in building decision-making systems
  • Applications and services in the areas of safety, mobility and healthcare
  • Predictive maintenance
Cloud Computing

It may always be sunny in our headquarters in Naples, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any clouds. The cloud is always there for anyone, anywhere and anytime you need it. Kineton is at the forefront in designing products and providing services that will let our partners and users enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Cloud services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)
  • DevOps on Cloud
  • Machine learning applications
  • Secure management of virtualized resources
Advanced Automation Technology

Software is only as good as the engineers behind the scenes that made it. Kineton will make sure our partners make the most out of their software, using advanced automation to optimize its quality.

  • Learning-based testing
  • Traceability among requirements, model and tests
  • Determine the minimum set of tests in order to reduce execution time
  • Optimal testing coverage
Smart City Technology

Smart City Technology

What did the fridge say to the toaster?

It may sound like a setup to a great joke, but the reality is that in a connected world, communication between appliances and other devices is just a part of the Internet of Things that is slowly going to change all of our lives.

Safety, efficiencycost effectivenessKineton is at the forefront of it all, using wireless sensor networks, connectivity, and machine learning algorithms to make it all happen.

Kineton designs, develops, and builds smart services and systems that make the present look like the stuff of science fiction.

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

The mother of all buzzwords is anything but. Omniscient. Ubiquitous. All-knowing. That’s the cloud, alright.

At Kineton, we know how to virtualize and pool IT resources in the cloud in order to increase flexibility, agility, and cost effectiveness.

  • We design and implement DevOps platforms on cloud to meet the goals of continuous integration, development, build, deployment, test and release phases
  • We analyze, design and improve solutions for the data protection and secured information sharing in the cloud
  • We design and build cloud platforms for smart cities
Testing Management

Testing Management

Never be complacent. Always strive for greatness. One of our many mottos.
Kineton endeavors to improve both software testing speed and quality, and we do this while minimizing cost, maximizing efficiency, and reducing time and resources spent.

  • We design and implement testing platforms to manage test through automation and streamlining of the entire validation process
  • We analyze, design and implement platforms based on the paradigm of learning-based testing (LBT)
  • We deal with optimal design and activity scheduling to maximize coverage in software testing process
  • We define necessary metrics for the determination of the test coverage